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Understanding Spiritual Gifts

1. Receiving Spiritual Gifts from the "Fullness" of Christ

  • During His earthly ministry, Jesus was anointed with a full measure of the Holy Spirit (Jn 3:34).

  • Christ represents the fullness of the Godhead in His glorified body (Col 2:9). The Church is now part of the body of Christ and has received of His fullness (Jn 1:16).

  • After His ascension, Christ began to pour out of Himself and give gifts to the members of His body (Eph 4:7,8)

2. Defining and Examining Spiritual Gifts

  • Spiritual Gifts: (Definition) Spiritual gifts are those special abilities and talents given by Christ through the Holy Spirit which God intends Christians to use in fulfilling His purpose on the earth.

  • Examining the different gifts

3. Important Facts Concerning Spiritual Gifts

  • We receive our spiritual gifts at the time of our salvation (I Pet 1:23). Spiritual gifts are received not achieved.

  • Spiritual gifts are given to fulfil Christ's purpose on the earth (Acts 1:8).

  • Spiritual gifts are different from natural talents.

  • Spiritual gifts are different from the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22, 23).

  • Spiritual gifts are different from Christian responsibilities.

  • Christians are given more than one spiritual gift (Rm 12:6-8). The combination of our main gift areas is called our "gift mix".

  • Spiritual gifts are given to us by "measure" (Eph 4:7). The "measure" of our gift is found in the degree of anointing and the scope of ministry that our gift allows us to have.

  • There are three things to remember while concerning the measure of your gifts.
    1. We each must relate to our gifts honestly and realistically (Rm 12:3).
    2. The measure of our gifts can increase (Lk 19:26).
    3. Be careful not to step beyond your measure of gift or anointing (II Cor 10: 13).

  • We must be careful of Satan's attempt to confuse us with counterfeit gifts (Acts 16:16).

  • Spiritual gifts are meant to be permanent and to be used throughout our lives (Rm 11:29).

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