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Life in the Spirit

The Jeevan Jal Ministries have conducted ‘Outreach Programmes’ (“Life in the Spirit Seminars”) in various Churches at the parish level. The programme consists of four consecutive evenings (Thursday – Sunday) and covers a range of topics that enhance a true and enriching relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The topics are

1) God’s Love
2) Sin and Repentance
3) Salvation
4) Baptism in the Holy Spirit
5) Personal Prayer
6) Word of God

People’s lives have been changed through these messages. Your life can change too.

We hope and pray that the Holy Spirit of God will lead and inspire you through these messages. May God’s love, His forgiveness, healing and deep peace be poured lavishly on you as you read through, is our humble prayer. Try to read these topics slowly and in their serial order and say the prayer given at the end of the topic with a sincere heart.

God bless you!


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