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Finding your Spiritual Gifts

Do not be impatient to answer this questionnaire. First take a few moments to pray, asking Divine Guidance to help you answer correctly. Carefully read the questions below and understand them, then answer them honestly and to the best of your knowledge and experience. Indicate your answers (with scores) on the scoring sheet given below.


  1. I enjoy working behind the scenes, taking care of little details.
  2. I usually step forward and assume leadership in a group where none exists.
  3. I enjoy cheerfully providing food and a place to stay for those in need.
  4. I have the ability to recognize a need, and get the job done, no matter how trivial the task.
  5. I have the ability to organize ideas, people and projects to reach a specific goal.
  6. I clearly sense it when somebody is under a spiritual anointing.
  7. I am very confident of God doing great things through myself or through the prayer group I attend.
  8. I am asked to sing or play a musical instrument at different Church functions.
  9. I have spoken in tongues.
  10. When people pray in tongues, I often believe that I understand the meaning.
  11. Others can describe specific occasions where my prayers have resulted in obvious miracles.
  12. I have the ability to use my hands in a creative way to design or build things.
  13. People have told me that my prayers have resulted in their healing.
  14. I enjoy giving money to those in serious financial need.
  15. I would enjoy ministering to people in hospitals, prison and rest homes to comfort them.
  16. I often have insights that offer practical solutions to difficult problems.
  17. While talking to other people, I become aware of needs in their life that have not been discussed.
  18. I enjoy encouraging and giving counsel to those who are discouraged.
  19. I have the ability to thoroughly study a passage of scripture and then share it with others.
  20. I presently have the responsibility for the spiritual growth of one or more young Christians.
  21. Other people respect me as an authority in spiritual matters.
  22. I believe I have a natural ability to learn a foreign language.
  23. I have a desire to speak direct messages from God that edify, exhort, or comfort others.
  24. I enjoy spending time with non-Christians, especially with hope of telling them about Jesus.
  25. I enjoy praying for long periods of time.
  26. I would like to assist leaders, so they will have more time to accomplish their essential and priority ministries.
  27. I am often chosen as the leader in a group of people.
  28. I enjoy entertaining guests and making them feel "at home" when they visit.
  29. I enjoy serving others, no matter how simple or little the task.
  30. I am a very organized person, who sets goals and makes plans to reach them.
  31. I am a good judge of character and can spot a spiritual counterfeit.
  32. Others have said, I am a person of faith and vision.
  33. I desire to use my musical ability to bless the Church.
  34. I have spoken publicly in tongues with an interpreter.
  35. I have given a public interpretation of a message in tongues during a Church service.
  36. God has used me in performing supernatural signs and wonders.
  37. I enjoy doing things like woodworking, crocheting, sewing, metal work, stained glass, etc.
  38. I have seen people physically healed through my prayers.
  39. I joyfully give money to the Church well above my tithe.
  40. I feel compassion for people who are hurt and lonely, and like to spend time with them to cheer them up.
  41. God has enabled me to choose correctly between several complex options in an important decision, when no one else knew what to do.
  42. Those I minister to, claim that my insights into their problems have surprised them.
  43. People often tell me their problems and I encourage them.
  44. When a question arises from a difficult Biblical passage, I am motivated to search the answer.
  45. I take an active role in protecting Christians from worldly influences that would hinder their spiritual growth and weaken their faith.
  46. I have been used to establish and raise up a strong prayer group.
  47. I can adapt easily to cultures, languages and life-styles other than my own and would enjoy ministering in foreign countries.
  48. By the revelation of the Holy Spirit, I have revealed specific things which will happen in the future.
  49. I find it easy to invite a person to accept Jesus as his/her Saviour.
  50. I pray at least half-hour daily for other people, believing God to answer my prayers.
  51. I enjoy relieving others of routine tasks, so they can get special projects done.
  52. I don't mind asking others to accomplish an important ministry for the Church.
  53. Our home is often used for parties and social events.
  54. I have a reputation of being available to give practical help in completing tasks or projects.
  55. I easily delegate significant responsibilities to other people.
  56. I am able to distinguish right and wrong in complex spiritual matters, that other people can't seem to figure out.
  57. I often step out and start projects that other people won't attempt and the projects end up successful.
  58. I believe I could sing in the choir and be an important part of the worship service.
  59. I am blessed when praying privately to God in tongues.
  60. Church leaders have told me that they believed my public interpretation of a message in tongues was accurate.
  61. My prayers have resulted in physical healings in the lives of others.
  62. I would like to use my natural skills to bless the Lord's work.
  63. I have seen people emotionally healed through my prayers.
  64. God has blessed me with the ability to make more money than I need, so I can cheerfully give much to the Church.
  65. I want to do whatever I can for the needy people around me, even if I have to give up something.
  66. People often ask my advice when they don't know what to do.
  67. When praying about someone's circumstances, I receive insight into their condition that I have not previously considered.
  68. I feel a need to challenge others to better themselves, specially in their spiritual growth, without condemning them.
  69. Others have told me that I was a good teacher of the Bible.
  70. I have enjoyed having the spiritual responsibility for a group of people.
  71. I am respected by and work well with other strong gift ministries.
  72. I seem to relate unusually well with people of other cultures.
  73. People have told me that I have communicated timely and urgent messages, which must have come directly from the Lord.
  74. Every chance I get, I try to win my friends to Jesus.
  75. My prayer time is the most important part of the day.
  76. I would like to do things like typing, filing, gardening, painting etc for the Church or helping in any way that I can.
  77. I can guide and manage a group of people towards achieving a specific goal.
  78. I would like to use my home to get acquainted with newcomers and visitors to the prayer group.
  79. I would rather be active and accomplishing something, than talk, read, or listen to a speaker.
  80. I am able to recognize gifts and abilities in others and help them find a ministry where they are effective.
  81. I can tell with a fairly high degree of assurance, when a person is afflicted by an evil spirit.
  82. I trust in God's faithfulness for a bright future, even when everything looks bad.
  83. I enjoy singing and people say I have a good voice.
  84. I enjoy praying in tongues and do so often.
  85. The Holy Spirit has given me the ability to know whether someone speaking in tongues is genuine or not.
  86. God has blessed my prayers, so that supernatural results have come to otherwise impossible situations.
  87. I find satisfaction in meeting people's needs by making something for them.
  88. I enjoy praying for those who are physically or emotionally ill in order that God may heal them.
  89. I have been willing to maintain a lower standard of living in order to give more to God's work.
  90. When I hear of other people without jobs who can't pay their bills, I feel motivated to help them.
  91. God shows me how to make the right application of Biblical truth to practical situations.
  92. During prayer services, I can sense the immediate spiritual need of the congregation.
  93. People often tell me that my counsel or advice has helped their spiritual growth.
  94. I am able to give organized and systematic Bible lessons to a group of people.
  95. I enjoy working with people and desire to help them be the best person they can for the Lord.
  96. Leaders or Churches in other parts of the country or world look to me for spiritual oversight.
  97. I feel a special spiritual burden for another area or country of the world.
  98. I sometimes have a strong sense of what God wants to say to people in response to a particular situation.
  99. My strongest desire is to see the lost come to know Jesus Christ, as their Saviour.
  100. Many of my prayers for others have been answered by the Lord.
  101. I enjoy helping others to get their work done and don't need a lot of public recognition.
  102. People respect my opinion and follow my direction.
  103. I feel that entertaining guests in my home is an important ministry.
  104. I respond cheerfully when asked to do a job, however menial it may be.
  105. I am comfortable making important decisions, even under pressure.
  106. I can sense when a speaker is empowered by the Holy Spirit or just bringing glory to himself.
  107. I often exercise my faith through prayer and God answers my prayers in exciting ways.
  108. Others have told me that I have a musical gift.
  109. When I pray in tongues, I sense that I am being spiritually strengthened.
  110. I enjoy interpreting tongues.
  111. Through my faith and prayers, God has opened doors that were impossible in the natural.
  112. People say that I am gifted with my hands.
  113. People often seek me out to pray for their physical healing.
  114. I believe God will bless me financially, so that I can give generously to His work.
  115. I would enjoy working with the "unfortunate" and the have-nots", who are usually ignored by most people.
  116. The Lord has given me quick insight into the right choices to make in very complex circumstances.
  117. In counselling situations, I sometimes have an instant awareness of facts not previously discussed.
  118. I often am involved in encouraging discouraged people.
  119. Teaching others about what I have learned in the Bible is very fulfilling to me.
  120. I have helped Christians who have backslidden, to be restored back to the Lord.
  121. I would be excited to share the Gospel and help form new groups of Christians, in areas where there aren't many groups.
  122. I am willing to leave the comforts of my surroundings in order to minister to people of another nation.
  123. During prayer meetings, I frequently sense the needs in the congregation.
  124. I get frustrated when others don't seem to share their faith with unbelievers as much as I do.
  125. Others have told me that my prayers for them have been answered in tangible ways.


0=Not at all, 1=Little, 2=Some, 3=Considerable, 4 or 5=Very Strong.

          Total Gift
1. 26. 51. 76. 101.   A. B.
3. 28. 53. 78. 103.   C. D.
5. 30. 55. 80. 105.   E. F.
7. 32. 57. 82. 107.   G. H.
9. 34. 59. 84. 109.   I. J.
11. 36. 61. 86. 111.   K. L.
13. 38. 63. 88. 113.   M. N.
15. 40. 65. 90. 115.   O. P.
17. 42. 67. 92. 117.   Q. R.
19. 44. 69. 94. 119.   S. T.
21. 46. 71. 96. 121.   U. V.
23. 48. 73. 98. 123.   W. X.
25. 50. 75. 100. 125.   Y.


1   4  
2   5  
3   6  


A) Helps: The God given ability and motivation to be available to help out in any area in which there is a need (I Cor 12:28; Rm 16:1, 2).
B) Leadership: The God given ability to motivate and lead others in accomplishing goals related to the Lord's work (Rm 12:8; Act 2:14).
C) Hospitality: The God given desire to use your home as a means to entertain and bless the people of God, or those in need of food and shelter (Rm 12:13; Acts 16:14,15).
D) Service: The God given motivation to use your time and resources to meet the practical and material needs involved in advancing the Kingdom of God (Rm 12:7; Acts 6:1-7).
E) Administration: The God given ability to organise and supervise the carrying out of plans, related to accomplishing the goals of the Lord's work (I Cor 12:28; Titus 1:5).
F) Discerning of Spirits: The God given ability to know whether the spiritual source behind certain behaviour is divine, human or satanic (I Cor 12:10; Acts 16:16-18).
G) Faith: The God given ability to believe for the extraordinary or impossible within the Will of God in a particular situation (I Cor 12:9; Acts 28:3-6).
H) Music: The God given ability to sing or play an instrument in a way that the Church is strengthened and God is glorified (II Kings 3:15; II Chron 5:13; I Sam 16:16).
I) Tongues: The God given ability to communicate in a language, either divine or human, that you are not familiar with (I Cor 12:10,28; Acts 10: 44-46).
J) Interpretation of Tongues: The God given ability to interpret a message given in tongues by giving it in a language of the listeners (I Cor 12:10,30; I Cor 14:13).
K) Miracles: The God given ability to serve as a human channel through which God can perform acts which transcend the laws of nature (I Cor 12:10, 28; Acts 9:36-40).
L) Craftsmanship: The God given ability and motivation to work and create with your hands that which will bless and increase the work of God on the earth (Ex 31:2-11; Acts 9:39).
M) Healing: The God given ability to serve as a human channel in ministering divine healing and restoration of health, apart from natural means (I Cor 12:9; Acts 3:1-10).
N) Giving: The God given desire and ability to generously give financial and material resources to the Lord's work (Rm 12:8; Mk 12:41-44).
O) Mercy: A God given compassion for the sufferings of others and the motivation to minister to them in a way that will ease their burden (Rm 12:8; Mt 20:29-34).
P) The Word of Wisdom: The God given ability to receive divine insight in how to respond to complex and difficult problems and situations (I Cor 12:8; I Kings 3:16-28).
Q) The Word of Knowledge: The God given ability to receive a spontaneous knowledge of facts or details about a person or situation that has not been discovered through natural inquiry (I Cor 12:8; Jn 4:17,18).
R) Exhortation: The God given ability and incentive to offer words of encouragement, consolation and comfort to others in a way through which they will be helped (Rm 12:8; I Tim 4:13).
S) Teaching: The God given desire and ability to search out and expound to others spiritual truths from the Word of God in a way that others will learn (Eph 4:11-12; Acts 18:24-28).
T) Pastor: The God given ability and motivation to commit yourself to the care and nurturing of members of the Body of Christ (Eph 4:11, 12; I Pet 5:2).
U) Apostleship: The God given ability to plant, establish and oversee churches while working harmoniously with other fivefold ministries (Eph 4:11; I Cor 3:10).
V) Missionary: The God given ability and calling to use your spiritual gifts to minister to those of another culture on a long term basis (I Cor 9:19-23; Acts 13:2-3).
W) Prophecy: The God given ability to receive and communicate an immediate message of God to his people through divinely anointed speaking (I Cor 12:10; Acts 2:28).
X) Evangelist: The God given ability and desire to share the Gospel with unbelievers in such a way that men and women turn from their sin and make commitments to serve Jesus Christ (Eph 4:11, 12; Acts 8:12).
Y) Intercession: The God given ability and consistent desire to pray for long periods of time with the result of seeing the fruit of your efforts through specifically answered prayers (Lk 2:36, 37; Col 4:2).

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