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Discovering Spiritual Gifts

1. The Advantages of Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Discovering our spiritual gifts will help lead us into the areas of ministry, that the Lord has called us to.
  • Not knowing our gifts may cause us to get involved in the wrong areas of ministry.
  • When the members of the Church discover their gift areas, it frees the pastor to concentrate on the priorities of his ministry.
  • Discovering our gift areas brings greater personal stability and contentment. The more aware and honest we are about our abilities, the more secure and confident we are in the Lord.
  • As the members of the Church discover and develop their gifts, the Church will experience increased maturity, strength and potential for quality growth.

2. Nine Steps to Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Step 1: We must come under the Lordship of Christ and commit ourselves to fulfilling His will in our lives.
  • Step 2: We must trust the Lord and accept His timetable for anointing our gifts and using us in areas of ministry.
  • Step 3: We should study the different spiritual gifts and seek the Lord for an anointing, in the gifts you feel He has given to you.
  • Step 4: We should experiment by exercising the gifts that we can express.
  • Step 5: We can usually discover our spiritual gift areas by identifying our abilities and the things that we consistently prefer doing.
  • Step 6: We should seek out the opinions of other mature Christians. Three groups of people who can be especially helpful in evaluating us:
    1. Marriage partners
    2. Close friends
    3. Experienced leaders
  • Step 7: A prophetic word can help us discover our spiritual gifts.
  • Step 8: We should give priority attention to developing our main gift areas.
  • Step 9: Discovering our spiritual gifts can be helped by taking a “Spiritual Gifts Discovery Test."

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