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A Registered Religious Charitable Trust, Mumbai

In the year 1989, Jeevan Jal Ministries, started its service unto the Lord. This came about as a result of my response to God's calling, namely to reach out to the Hindi speaking brothers and sisters with the love and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. From then on Jeevan Jal Ministries have reached out, guided by the Holy Spirit, to thousands of people who have thirsted for the Truth, quenching their thirst with the Word of God. Led forward by the Lord's loving hand, Jeevan Jal has flowed into the lives of His people in various capacities meeting with their needs.

Right from its humble beginning in a small office at Handloom House (Mumbai) with just 7-8 people, the prayer group has shifted four times, St. Xavier's College (Seminar Room) Dhobitalao, Bharda School Hall V.T., Framjee Cawasji Institute Dhobitalao, Shaparia Docks Sewri (East) and back again at Framjee Cawasji Institute. Each of these shifts was an attempt to accommodate the increasing numbers. Now we have about 2500 plus members coming from various parts of Mumbai and its suburbs and on some occasions, from outside Mumbai too. We have a mixed crowd of all sorts, the rich and the poor, the literate and the illiterate, the Christians and people of other faiths. Without any differences, the people gather together to praise and worship and hear the Word of God every Wednesday at 7 p.m. The people are richly blessed as they keep yielding their lives to God, inspired by His Word.

Though the meeting starts at 7 p.m., people start moving in by 5.30 p.m. to avail of the healing prayers, as the Healing and Counseling Ministry minister to people individually. Many receive powerful healings and are cured from diseases and also receive answers for their problems. Those under the bondage of evil spirits receive deliverance. One can see the marvelous manifestation of God's love, as He ministers to His people.

The Music Ministry leads the people to lift their hearts to God in praise and worship. People join in with great joy and all participate in the singing, as the songs are mostly in Hindi. The latter half of the meeting consists of a teaching or preaching or at times intercession in English with Hindi translation. There is a lot of blessing as people listen to the Word of God and they are encouraged to walk by it. The Lord continues to work signs, wonders and miracles in the lives of His beloved people. There are many testimonies and some of them are shared at the meeting to give glory to God and also to increase the faith of new comers.

We have an office at 31, Wellington Street, Dhobitalao, from where we operate to serve God's people. All the Ministry Meetings and Training Programmes are held here. The office has a library of spiritual books which help in the growth of the ministry members. The ministry receives phone calls for prayers and petitions, some who need counseling are also helped. There are many written petitions coming to us seeking for prayer and guidance. Each petition is prayed for and corresponded to and some are given appointments for prayer and ministering as the need be.

A Cell programme that includes Bible study and disciplining of its members is used to prepare them to serve God through the various ministries. There are 18 cells all around the city including the suburbs. Systematic Bible study is conducted uniformly which enables the members to get a better understanding of God's Word and Will for them. Thus equipped, they can then venture into serving in the various ministries.

Visiting hospitals and bedridden patients in their homes, ministering to them through the Healing and Outreach Ministry is an effort to bring the hope of Christ to the sick, the oppressed and the dying.

We conduct Outreach Programmes (‘Life in the Spirit’ seminars) in various parishes in Mumbai and even outside Mumbai. We have reached out to over a hundred parishes in Mumbai. The programme includes preaching on four consecutive evenings on God's love, Sin and Repentance, Salvation, the Holy Spirit and His Baptism. There are wondrous blessings that people receive as they accept Jesus as Lord and Master.

We have been visiting various prayer groups on invitation and share the Word of God according to the need of the group. We have also undertaken the task of building and encouraging prayer groups all over Mumbai, helping them in their walk with Jesus and guiding them to further the Lord's kingdom.

There are intercessions for various needs of the Church, World, City and prayer group, inspired by the Holy Spirit. About 400 intercessors meet to intercede in different groups. This is the very backbone of the Ministries and we draw a lot of our strength and inspiration from the intercessions. Without intercessions, we would not be able to contribute our bit in the building of God's kingdom.

Looking forward with great enthusiasm to see greater works being accomplished, as the Holy Spirit guides, empowers and equips the Jeevan Jal Ministries in His service.

In His Service,




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