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Fetal Harvesting

  • Since there are over 1.5 million abortions every year, there is an abundant source of fetuses for commercial use. The profit is three fold.
    • The first is from abortion (estimated at half a billion dollars a year by Fortune magazine).
    • The second comes from the sale of aborted babies' bodies.
    • The third is from unsuspecting customers buying cosmetics.
  • Selling fetal parts is a very lucrative part of the abortion business. Fetal tissue is sold to private contractors, who in turn sell them to universities and researchers.
  • Babies' bodies are sold by the bag, $25 a batch or up to $5500 a pound. The sale of later-term elective abortions at D.C. General Hospital brought $68,000 between 1966 and 1976. The money was used to buy a TV set, cookies and soft drinks for visiting professors.
  • The wholesalers are interested in blood, eyes, ears, livers, brains, thymuses, among other things. Eyes and ears are sold for $75, brains go for $999. An "intact trunk" fetches $500, a whole liver $150.
  • In the Pittsburgh Women's Health Service, there is a sign in the lab areas asking doctors not to carry dead fetuses without wrapping them, since it disturbs the patients. The fetuses are treated like trash.
  • An abortion centre there, filled a long bin at the rear of its property with the remains of its day's nefarious doings. Its trash compactor neatly mashed 100 babies' bodies, which were then tied up in plastic bags and thrown on top of the bin. The hungry dogs came along and dragged the bags away. "There were frequent fights and the contents of the bags would be strewn up and down the streets until the dogs separated the gauze, sponges and pads and devoured the placenta, bones and flesh of the babies" said a mother. She went to the police, health department and city hall and felt that she got nowhere, but the bags of warm human babies' mutilated parts disappeared from the streets even though the clinic increased its abortions from 25 to 150 a week.
  • Dr. Jeronimo Dominguez of New York wrote "On any Monday you can see about 30 garbage bags with fetal material in them along the sidewalks of several abortion clinics in New York." In Odessa, Texas, city ordinance 69-91 forbids placing a dead animal in a dumpster. But that didn't stop one abortionist from depositing large brown plastic bags full of sock like gauze bags into the city dumpster prior to closing every night. A Baptist minister opened the bags and to his horror found a little "perfectly formed hands and feet of a 13-week old baby and the complete body, in pieces, of a 17-week old baby. Everything except one foot was there: the rib cage, sexual organs, head, fingernails and toe nails."
  • In a "it-shouldn't-happen to a dog" story, 47 senators voted in 1974 to protect dogs from experimentation with poisonous gas but then voted down Senator Jess Helm's amendment to prevent federal funds from being used for abortion. One liberal, pro-abortion Senator gave an emotion-laden speech to protect dogs. Man's best friend came out better than man himself!
  • The use of the human fetus in experimentation began in 1960s, flourished in the 1970s, and abated thereafter. The fetus is now increasingly treated as an object to be utilised for the treatment of others, namely as an experimental preparation, as a transplant donor and a medical commodity.
  • The Village Voice reported estimates seven years ago that 20,000 to 100,000 fetuses are sold to drug companies each year in the U.S.
  • Maee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh packed aborted babies in ice for shipment to experimental labs.
  • The New Laboratory Rat: Some researchers insist that the reason they must do research on human fetuses is because they are human, not animal.
  • For pesticide development: Newsday reported that an Ohio medical research company tested the brains and hearts of 100 fetuses as part of a $300,000 pesticide contract.
  • The Diabetes Treatment Project at UCLA depends, for its existence, on the availability of pancreas from later term aborted fetuses.
  • A rabies vaccine is produced from viruses grown in the lungs of aborted children, according to FDA. A polio vaccine was also produced with cells from aborted babies.
  • Tissue cultures are obtained by dropping still living babies into meat grinders and homogenizing them, according to the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.
  • In Organ Transplantation: A young couple wanted to conceive a child to be aborted so that the father to be, could use the baby's kidneys for a transplant that he needed himself.
  • The hysterotomy aborted fetus in the seventh, eighth and ninth months is removed intact (translation: the baby is alive). The trade in fetal tissue is about $1 million annually. The high prices may encourage unnecessary abortions on welfare patients as the surest way of getting "salvable tissue." Chief of pediatrics at the Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital said, "After a baby is delivered, while it is still linked to its mother by the umbilical cord, I take a blood sample, severe the cord and then as quickly as possible remove the organs and tissues."
  • A $60,00,000 grant from H.I.H. enabled one baby (among many others in the experiment done in Finland) to be sliced open without an anesthetic so that a liver could be obtained. The researcher in charge said that the baby was complete and "was even secreting urine." He disclaimed the need for anesthetic, saying "An aborted baby is just garbage."
  • Brain cells would be "harvested" from aborted babies for transplant.
  • A study on the severed heads of 12 babies delivered by C-section.
  • In California, babies aborted at six months were submerged in jars of liquid with high oxygen content, to see if they could breathe through their skins. They couldn't.
  • "Harvesting" fetal tissues from aborted babies for transplants and the treatment of such ailments as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's chorea, hemophilia, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, leukemia, aplastic anemia, epilepsy and radiation sickness.
  • Harvesting fetal tissue has also led to "organ farming," a practice of keeping anencephalic babies (those born without an entire brain) on respirators to preserve the organs in a well-oxygenated state for transplantation. Critics have charged that doctors are often removing life-sustaining organs from infants too early when they are still alive! The use of tissues and organs from newborn and unborn babies is shaping up as the hottest medical debate of the next decade and will present Pro-Lifers with a new challenge, women willing to lease their wombs for the production of fetal tissue to allow an older generation to live off the spare parts of the unborn!
  • A Californian woman wants to be inseminated by her father who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, so that she can abort the baby and its brain tissue can be transplanted into her father.
  • Another U.S. woman whose father suffered from a kidney disease demanded to be inseminated with his sperm so she could abort the fetus in the third trimester, thus providing kidneys for implant into her father.
  • Mexican doctors removed fetal tissue from both the brain and the adrenal gland of an aborted baby and transplanted the tissues to the brains of two patients suffering from Parkinson's disease.
  • Doctors in West Germany have successfully transplanted three kidneys from two fetuses into two children and one adult.
  • A doctor from California transplanted human fetal thymus glands into two older children. Both donor humans were killed.
  • A six-month-old aborted baby had his testicles transplanted into a 28-year-old man who had been unable to become fully sexually active.
  • Normal, but unwanted fetuses are now increasingly being used to provide stem cells to attempt repair of abnormal, but wanted fetuses.
  • Human embryos and other organs have been encased in plastic and sold as paperweight novelty items.
  • Collagen-enriched cosmetics: Collagen is the gelatinous substance found in connective tissue, bone and cartilage. Collagen (Kolla in Greek meaning glue) is a key component in the structural tissues of the human body. There are 20 known collagens, and each serves a specific role in a wide variety of tissues including bone, skin, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels. Based on its structural role and compatibility within the body, collagen is a commonly used biomaterial in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Amniotic fluid and collagen can come from fetal material, since the Food and Drug Administration does not require pre-testing or the identification of cosmetic ingredients. A glance through a local drug store revealed that the leading 12 shampoos and 5 hand creams all contained collagen. Check your beauty products and you may be shocked! Unless your beauty product specifies animal collagen or bovine collagen, the product probably contains human collagen. The drug company should be challenged at once. Even collagen taken from a human placenta raises questions about respect of life and ownership of the placenta.
  • Even the baby's placenta is sold for 50 cents to drug companies. Ever heard of Placenta Plus shampoo? Aborted babies' fat is used to make soap in England.
  • In some countries like Taiwan, people even eat fetal parts as a delicacy. Some people even have soups made out of fetuses for their so called nutritional value.
  • The increasing potential for financial inducements to women opting for abortion gives cause for alarm. A number of women deliberately opt to get pregnant only to abort the fetus allured by the material gains. The sanctity of human life and the respect for life is lost.
  • Every human being has a right to a decent burial. The fetus is even denied this right without a second thought being spared. They are treated worse than animals, in that, they are treated as garbage.

If this is horrifying, then how can it be tolerated ?

The "Fetus in the womb" is an Innocent, helpless, vulnerable and silent victim. Does this baby not have a right to life? THEY LOOK UP TO YOU.




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